Breakout Strategy Binary Options

Inning accordance with this technique you open up an offer when the cost damages out the present degree and proceeds its motion parallel. An offer ought to be opened up after a candlestick body damages out the degree from assistance or resistance and a brand-new candlestick relocations parallel.

A treatment after a indicate look :

1) The cost graph has gotten to a assistance or resistance degree ;

2) Wait on look from the candlestick damaging out the degree with its body and shutting there ;

3) Wait on look from a brand-new candlestick removaling in the outbreak instructions ;

4) Profession on the internet in the outbreak instructions after shutting a confirming candlestick.


Buying a put after breakout of the support level

Buying a put after breakout of the descending trend channel

Buying a call after breakout of the descending trend line
Using a breakout strategy you should always have a signal confirmation as breakout can be false. A false breakout of the level appears when the first candlestick breaks the level and the second candlestick returns back to opening price of the first candlestick.

Aspects of the false breakout:

1) A candlestick has broken the level with its shade and closed inside the level;

2) A candlestick has been closed at the level or a bit outside and a new candlestick returned to the range inside the level.

False breakout of the support level
If after breakout a reversal or squat candlestick has appeared this breakout can be false. In this case you should wait for a candlestick moving in the breakout direction and trade online after its closing.